Can I Get Fired If I Use Medical Cannabis?

Prop 215, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, legally allowed sick patients in CA to use cannabis as a medicine as long as they had a valid recommendation letter from a qualified CA Medical Doctor or Doctor of Osteopathic.

Now with the passing of Prop 64the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, adult Californians can use medical cannabis for recreational use without needing a recommendation letter. However, until collectives and dispensaries receive the proper licensing from the state to sell cannabis retail to the public, adults are still required to have a recommendation letter in order to purchase marijuana.medical-cannabis-and-employment

So…adults who strictly use cannabis for medicinal purposes and have a valid recommendation letter, they can’t fired from their job, right?


While more and more states are legalizing cannabis in some form, whether for medicinal or recreational use, this does not exempt people, especially patients, from getting fired from their job if their employer has a “no drug policy.” This is even the case if a patient participates in their states’ Medical Marijuana Program and receive the state ID card to use medical cannabis.

Simply put, it is up to the discretion of an employer to terminate employees if it is discovered that they have a medical cannabis card and use cannabis.

While this is very unfortunate for Californians, there are states that do protect patients from being fired because they use medical cannabis. To see which states protect medical cannabis patients from being terminated from their job, click here.

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