7 Top Reasons to Visit our California Medical Marijuana Doctor!

California Medical Marijuana Doctor-Dr. Tosha Brown
  1. New Patients Receive the Doctor’s Undivided Attention

Dr. Tosha Brown does not evaluate and rush new patients out of the office within 5 or 10 minutes. That’s not enough time to go over a patient’s medical history or educate them how medical cannabis can be effectively used as a treatment plan. Nor is 5 or 10 minutes enough time to give each patient the personal care they deserve when visiting a medical doctor.

Appointments are preferred for new patients so they can spend at least 15-20 minutes with our California Medical Marijuana Doctor and ask as many questions as needed to feel comfortable about using medical cannabis.

If patients need to spend more time with our cannabis doctor, not a problem! Our goal at Holistic Evaluation is to create a safe and relaxing environment.

  1. Rarely Do Our Patients Get into Trouble with Law Enforcement

Although adults can use medical cannabis for recreational use at the state level under Prop 64, it is still illegal on a federal level. As such, patients can inadvertently break the law, both on a state and federal level, without even knowing it.

As part of the evaluation process, patients are educated about the law in California regarding medical cannabis. Legal fees can be extremely expensive and that’s why we require patients to bring in medical records if they have them for their protection (i.e. X-rays, prescription medications, medical records, a letter from a specialist).

In the event a patient’s use of medical cannabis is ever questioned before a judge, Dr. Tosha Brown will show up in court if required to appear with medical documentation to help defend a patient.

Unlike other California medical marijuana doctors, our patients can rest assured knowing that Dr. Brown won’t do a disappearing act when a patient is at risk of going to jail.

  1. Our Medical Cannabis Evaluation Clinic is Safe and Professional

The staff at Holistic Evaluation treats medical cannabis like real medicine and thus, we operate our medical cannabis evaluation clinic just like any other private medical office. Patient records are kept 100% confidential and are HIPPA protected under federal law.

All the time we receive compliments like…

“Dr. Brown is so nice”

“What a cute office”

“Your staff is so professional and thorough”

Our Altadena office is so safe and professional, you can bring your grandmother in for an evaluation. And as a matter of fact…many of our patients do!

  1. Dr. Tosha Brown Has a Clean and Unrestricted Medical License

When seeking a “California medical marijuana doctor,” do your research and look up the doctor on the Medical Board of California. Only a California Licensed Medical Doctor or California Doctor of Osteopathic can evaluate patients for medical cannabis.

Patients should also only visit with a medical marijuana doctor who has a clean and unrestricted medical license. What that means is:

1) There should be no lawsuits pending against the doctor by a patient

2) There should be no negative entries on the doctor’s “Public Record Action”

3) There should be no restrictions against the doctor to practice medicine (i.e. if the doctor is a surgeon, but the medical board has banned the doctor from performing surgeries. He/she however can still practice medicine).

Dr. Tosha Brown is a Pathologist by training and she received her medical degree from SUNY Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY.  To add, Dr. Brown completed her residency in Pathology at the Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center (LAC+USC).

Hence, Dr. Brown is a real California Medical Doctor, and she has a clean and unrestricted medical license. Not to mention, she owns and operates “Holistic Evaluation.” A layman cannot hire a medical doctor, nor can a layman own and operate a medical office.

  1. We Specialize in Pediatrics

Unfortunately, children get sick too and suffer from medical conditions and illnesses just like adults. Because of the sensitive legal matter surrounding medical cannabis and minors, Dr. Brown is one of a few California medical marijuana doctors willing to evaluate children for medical cannabis.

Click here to learn more about medical cannabis and pediatrics.

  1. Patients Have Access to Dr. Brown Year-Round

When was the last time you called your primary care doctor or specialist and talked with him/her on the phone??? Patients of Dr. Brown can do just that!

After being evaluated by Dr. Brown, patients have access to the doctor and staff at any time to ask questions. We may have limited business hours, but patients can contact our office at any time where they will receive a response in a timely manner if the office is closed.

  1. Dr. Tosha Brown is So NICE!

Did I mention Dr. Brown receives compliments all the time about how nice she is?

Dr. Brown is not judgmental, impatient, or dismissive of patients. She understands that everyone’s medical needs are different and as a result, Dr. Brown is compassionate, understanding, and very nice to all patients.

Providing patients with excellent customer service and one-on-one personal care in a safe and professional environment is our top priority at Holistic Evaluation. That’s what patients are paying for and that’s what they can expect from a private medical office.

To schedule your confidential appointment for medical cannabis, you can schedule an appointment online or contact our office at (626) 817-9025. Also be sure to review our FAQ about the evaluation process.

Looking forward to serving you!












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